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Swimming Pool Fun


Truman Park Blog, Largo, MD Apartments  The weather is warming up here in Largo. Check out these great swimming pool games as well as options for swimming attire. Let us know what you think in the comments!


As the weather warms up around our Truman Park apartment community in Largo, MD, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than by taking a dip in our swimming pool. Take some time to cool down this month and play some fun games in the pool. Need a new swimsuit? Don’t worry. We have suggestions we think you’ll love!



Marco Polo is a classic summer game for the pool. One person closes their eyes and calls, “Marco!” and the other people in the pool have to call back “Polo!”. When the person calling out “Marco!” tags someone calling “Polo!”, the person tagged becomes the new Marco.


Treasure Hunt is a fun way to test how well you can complete a task before your competitors. In this game, a diving toy or another object is thrown into the pool. Swimmers must dive to find the item, and the first one to discover it wins. In a variation of this game, multiple coins are tossed into the pool, and whoever comes to the top with the most money wins. Losers must give up their haul to the winner.


Dolphin Races is also called mermaid races or underwater races. This game is all about seeing who can swim underwater for the longest. Begin at one side of the pool and see who can swim underwater the longest and the fastest. Ready. Set. Go!



We’re sharing our top picks for swimsuits this month and we think you’ll certainly find something to love. Albion Fit takes a modern twist on classic swimwear. Their site says “Albion’s mission is to provide women with the most luxurious, flattering, and hassle-free fitness and leisure apparel on the market.” We’re loving their Peachy Keen One-Piece Swimsuit. High-quality swimwear is a must so it will last all season and can be as flattering as possible.


Maaji is another brand with gorgeous prints and trendy styles of swimsuits. We like shopping the brand on because they offer free shipping and returns. Swimsuits can be a tough thing to purchase online, but Nordstrom makes it really easy to find your perfect fit! For the guys, there’s no sacrificing style. Nordstrom also offers swim trunks in all different lengths, styles, and prints. We especially like these Board Shorts from RVCA.


Do you have a favorite game to play in the swimming pool? Or a favorite place to buy swimsuits? Share in the comments below.