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Slow Down in September

Photo of a small candle warmer with a branch and berries beside it.

Daily life can get hectic and crazy. It can be easy to get swept up in daily life. The Truman Park Blog hopes that you get the chance to slow down and relax this month in your apartment. We have chocolate recipes, spa ideas, and a TED talk to help you get through the month.

Chocolate Recipes

Sky High Chocolate Mousse Pie from Sally’s Baking Addiction

We love the Oreo crust, chocolate mousse layer, and whipped cream in this Sky High Chocolate Mousse Pie. Use unsweetened chocolate, unsalted butter, egg whites, granulated sugar, cream of tartar, heavy cream, and Oreos to make the mousse.

French Hot Chocolate Recipe from A Spicy Perspective

French hot chocolate is rich and definitely decadent. This hot chocolate is thicker than your regular hot chocolate, making it perfect for dipping cookies or biscotti. Make it with bittersweet chocolate, whole milk, heavy cream, brown sugar, and vanilla extract.

Spa Day

Make your Largo, MD apartment feel like a spa! Dim the lights, put on relaxing music, chop up a cucumber, make a facial, and enjoy a day in. Basin is our go-to place for face masks, milk baths, bath bombs, body scrubs, and more. You can learn more about their products here.

TED Talk

Success is a continuous journey by Richard St. John

Why do so many people reach success and then fail? One of the big reasons is, we think success is a one-way street. So we do everything that leads up to success, but then we get there. We figure we've made it, we sit back in our comfort zone, and we actually stop doing everything that made us successful. And it doesn't take long to go downhill. And I can tell you this happens because it happened to me.”

Do you have any tips for us? Leave your advice in the comments section. Thanks for reading our blog and have a great month in Largo, MD!