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Simple Ways to Make Your Nine-Foot High Ceilings Look Higher

an apartment with a sofa, chair, lamp, open blinds, and TV showing

At our Truman Park apartments in Largo, MD, we offer one- and two-bedroom floor plans with nine-foot-high ceilings. Not high enough for you? Don’t worry. Just like you can add filters to your Instagram photos to make them brighter or better, there are a few simple ways to enhance the appearance of how high your ceiling is.

Hang Your Curtains Up High

Hanging your curtains up to the ceiling presents a simple visual trick for the eyes. Just make sure you switch out your curtains with a longer floor-to-ceiling option. Doing so will help elongate the appearance of the room.

In addition to curtains, we suggest hanging up artwork and mirrors higher. A great idea is to choose smaller frames and then position those above door frames and windows. Choose tall mirrors that stretch to the height of the room. Mirrors and other reflective objects can make a room look bigger than it actually is.

Tall Shelves and Short Chairs

Like with the mirrors, switch out your shelving units with ones that are tall and stretch from floor to ceiling. Opting for this design choice with chairs and other furniture that sit low is a great way to play with the eyes. Naturally, people entering your apartment will see a contrast in size and will naturally think your ceiling is higher than it is.

Look for other tall objects like a vase with flowers in bloom. Craft stores will often carry fake ones if that’s easier for you.

Choose Different Colors

Sometimes you can’t do anything about furniture because you have too much stuff or your apartment is just too cramped. If this is the case, we suggest changing up your apartment’s color scheme. Opt for brighter colors like white, a light-grey, or baby blue to brighten up your space. It’s amazing what something as simple as color can do to open up a room.  

Do you have any suggestions for making your ceilings look higher? Leave a comment about it below!