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Reach Your Resolutions

a chalkboard filled with sticky notes surrounding text that reads10 top resolutions
New Year’s Resolutions are a yearly tradition, but unfortunately, most of us don’t reach our resolutions. This year we have a few suggestions for easy resolutions that we think you’ll be able to take all year long.

Make Some “Me” Time

Our busy lives often keep us from taking some time for ourselves. We get so busy with our lives — running around for work, networking, and keeping up with friends — that we forget to slow down and relax. Make a resolution to carve out some time for yourself this year. Schedule time to see a movie, listen to a new album, or go shopping by yourself. Treat yourself to your favorite dessert at your favorite restaurant here in Largo, MD.

Conquer a Fear

We all have things that we are afraid of — heights, public speaking, the dark — but conquering your fears can be a confidence-boosting experience. If you’re afraid of heights, try hiking a mountain for the first time. If you’re afraid of public speaking, take an improv class. Facing your fears can be a great experience. Make a goal to conquer one fear a month this year.

Take the Stairs

We all know how important daily exercise is, but it can be difficult to find time to go to the gym or to the Truman Park fitness center. Taking the stairs, riding your bike around town, or taking a walk around the local park can all be great ways to incorporate exercise into your daily life.


Turn your Truman Park apartment into a home by decorating this year. Buy a few throw pillows, hang new curtains up, or throw a few rugs onto your floor. Make your apartment a cozy, personal, and intimate space to relax in.

Explore Your Town

Largo, MD is a great place to live. Explore Largo, MD by eating at new restaurants in the area, attending local events, and visiting local parks. Even if you’ve lived here for a while, we’re guessing that there are corners of the town that you haven’t explored. Explore them all this year.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading!