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Indoor Photography Tips

person holding up a camera to take a picture

The Truman Park Blog has compiled a few beginner tips that will help you get the most out of the pictures you take inside your apartment. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced photographer, these basic tips are essential to taking quality indoor photographs.

One of the first things we suggest when taking pictures indoors is to turn off the lights. Natural and artificial light are big competitors that don’t always get along. To combat this, turning off the lights in your apartment is a good first move towards taking better pictures. If you’re taking pictures at night, however, artificial light is a necessity. The main idea is to go with the better source of light. If you’re taking pictures during the day and you have a fine amount of natural light coming in through the windows, then go with that.

You’ll want to take note of the light coming through the different windows in your apartment. The color of light changes during the day — sunrise and sunsets are warmer, while midday has a cooler neutral color. Knowing this gives you the opportunity to add some very interesting effects to your photographs.

Using a sheet as a backdrop is a simple trick with a big payoff. Hanging a neutral-colored sheet or blanket behind your subject is a great way to focus your pictures. Using a white sheet is also a great way to catch the light and bounce it onto the subject. It’s easy to set up, and the highlighting effect is pleasing.

When taking pictures inside your apartment, it’s good practice to make sure things are put away. This gives you a great excuse to clean up if you don’t already have one. A clean and tidy apartment will minimize distractions in the resulting photographs, which will mean a better focus on your subject. Depending on the photo, too many distractions in the background can mean for a not very good picture.

We hope you have fun taking pictures inside your apartment in Largo, MD this month. Let us know what you’re taking photos of in the comments below. Thanks for reading!