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Clever Thanksgiving Decorations

Thanksgiving placemats featuring leaves.

Welcome back to the Truman Park Blog! Now that November is officially here, we’re going to share a few decorating ideas with all of our residents at the Truman Park apartment community in Largo, MD. Enjoy capturing the essence of fall using balloons and leaves, transform your table with an edible cornucopia made out of bread, and fold your napkins so that they look like tiny turkeys. Have a few decorating ideas of your own? Share them in the comments below today’s post!


We love these Autumn Leaf Geronimo Balloons. They’re simple to make and extremely affordable (the most it will cost you is your time). With about a grocery sack full of real or fake leaves, follow these steps below from A Joyful Riot:

— Thread a needle. It’s easiest to keep the thread attached to the spool while you make these so pull a small amount through and tie it in a little knot around the eye of the needle.

— Push the needle up through your leaves. You can even do a whole handful at once! Have them facing both ways (up and down) and push the needle through different parts of each for a more wild look, even try threading through the stems of some so they hang way out.

— I kept my thread organized and from coming out of my leaves by attaching a piece of tape to the ends. When I was ready to use, I filled my balloons and tied the thread around the ties! Depending on how much helium you have, and how heavy each leaf garland is, your balloons may rest at different heights. If you have a problem keeping them up, use a dowel rod to prop the balloon up.

Bread Cornucopia

This cornucopia is made completely out of bread. Simply follow the instructions in the link above to make your perfect edible Thanksgiving centerpiece! When finished, fill it with a side dish like freshly baked rolls.

The Perfect Thanksgiving Napkin Fold

Could there be a better napkin fold for Thanksgiving than this one? These turkey napkins are sure to impress all of your guests as they sit down at the dinner table. Follow these instructions with step-by-step pictures for a simple project that will take minutes to finish. You can also turn this into a great Thanksgiving activity if you’re looking for things to do.

What are your favorite ideas for Thanksgiving decorations? Share in the comments. Happy Thanksgiving!