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Add Some Color to Your Apartment

A bright yellow couch with a table holding flowers in front of it.
This month the Truman Park Blog is featuring a few apartment-safe ways to add some color to your Largo, MD apartment. We hope that our tips help you brighten up your space and cheer up any overcast, gloomy winter days that might pop up this month. Express your personality and switch up your style with these tips.

Brighten Your Apartment with Fresh Flowers

A fresh bouquet of flowers can do a lot to brighten up a room. Buy fresh cut flowers from your local flower shop or grocery store for a dash of springtime. It may be winter right now, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t add a splash to your living room with fresh daisies or hydrangeas! The Reader’s Digest has a list of eight tips that can help your cut flowers last longer.  

Make Your Own Art

Of course, you could buy pictures of your favorite pieces of art, but making your own art will add a little personality to your space and allow you to express yourself in a new way. Apartment Therapy has a few tips on painting your own abstract art.

Show Off Your Reading

Paint your bookshelf a fun color and then stock it with your favorite classics! Books can really brighten a room, and they serve as a useful conversation starter, as well. Put your favorite art books or travel books on your coffee table for a fun, eclectic look.

Hang Up a Few Pictures

Hang up a few pictures to express your personality and remember your favorite memories from the past year! Use sticky tack to hang up your photos without damaging the walls. Buy your favorite classic movie posters to give your apartment a vintage feel.

Do you have any apartment decorating tips for us? Leave us your best advice in the comments. Thanks for reading!